Create a simple Google Analytics 4 report you can take action on

Martin's Report connects to your GA4 data and gives you easy-to-follow actionable reports.

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Just authorize your GA4 account. No credit card needed.

No configuration. Just click & download.

Martin's Report needs no setup. You don't need to spend valuable hours of your time configuring a report. You just authorize your GA4 account, choose a property and a time period. Generate report & download. Simple as that.

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The metrics you need. No fuss.

Website owners love Martin's Report for its simplicity. When working with Google Analytics, how many reports do you look at? I bet it's 5 or less. Don't worry, I do it exactly like that, too.

Enriched with Martin's actionable comments

Martin has worked with Google Analytics practically since its very beginning. He created hundreds of reports for his clients. He used his experience in evaluating data to empower Martin's Report. Get actionable insights right with your data.

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80% of what you'll ever need in one report for just 5€

For just 5 euros per report per month, you'll enjoy unlimited runs of 1 report containing the most essential parts:

  • Traffic overview
  • Channels
  • Conversions
  • Countries
  • Regions
  • Page views
  • All pages
  • Landing pages
  • Devices
  • Report summary

Want to make sense of the GA4 confusion?

Martin's Report connects to your GA4 data and gives you easy-to-follow actionable reports.

How Martin's Report works with user data

The first step is to pair a Google account of your choice with Martin's Report so we can fetch a list of your Google Analytics 4 accounts and properties, and list them for you. The second step is to select a Google Analytics 4 account and a property from the list. Then you select the time period for which you want to generate a report. The third step is to select your Google account to authorize us to fetch and process your analytics data. In order to generate your report, we use your analytics data to draw simplified charts and analyze them in real time to produce custom suggestions you can implement right away.